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Educaterer Excellence Award Winner 2015 and shortlisted for Cost Sector Awards Team of the Year 2016
We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering excellent quality school food. We put a lot of effort into supporting and developing the staff who work in your school kitchen to manage your school catering service and ensure it is a service which meets your needs and the needs of your students.

Winner of the EDUcatering Excellence Award 2015 for Local Authority Caterer of the Year shows that the service you receive is simply the best. This year we have competed for and won contracts for new business in competition with some of the largest school meal providers in the country.

Our commitment is to ensure your young people are given the best possible standards of nutritious school food to support their health and wellbeing to ensure they achieve their expectations. We appreciate that not every school is the same and that’s why by working in partnership we can tailor your catering service to meet the needs of your school.
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Revised statutory guidance on safeguarding
17 Jul
A new edition of Keeping Children Safe in Education comes into force at the beginning of next term. This version of the guidance, which schools must follow, has been designed to be clearer, and contains new advice on handling allegations of child-on-child sexual violence and sexual harassment.
Academy pay and contracts to be subject to greater scrutiny
17 Jul
Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education, addressed the summer conference of the National Governance Association (NGA) in June, his first major speech on governance. He used the occasion to announce that there will be more transparency on the pay of top earners in academies. In future academy accounts will have to include details of staff earning over £100,000 and the percentage of teaching time undertaken by these individuals. However, it is not as yet known when this will come into effect; the requirement is not included in the new Academies Financial Handbook.
New financial requirements on academies
17 Jul
The new Academies Financial Handbook published in June recommends that larger trusts meet more than three times a year, and requires any trust that meets less than six times a year to explain in its governance statement how it maintains adequate oversight of the trust’s budget. The Handbook also tightens up trust accounting procedures. Trusts must now not just produce management accounts but give them to the chair of the trust each month. These must be examined at each trust meeting. The trust should particularly look at any variations between budgeted income and expenditure. The Handbook enforces the transparent and proportionate approach to senior executive pay emphasised in the Secretary of State’s speech to the NGA, requiring each trust to ensure “its approach to pay is transparent, proportionate and justifiable”. The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) may challenge pay levels it deems inappropriate. Trusts must also publish the gender pay gap in its schools, as specified in the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017. This move to clamp down on excessive pay awards is coupled with a requirement from April 2019 that all related party transactions (contracts with companies in whom a trust member, their family or business has an interest) be declared to the ESFA and that trusts seek approval for any such transactions over £20,000.