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Schools Planned and Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Service
***New Service for 2019***
In September 2017, at a meeting of North Tyneside Cabinet, it was agreed not to extend the current agreement for construction and housing repairs and maintenance services (including schools) with Kier Group Plc.

This means that the current contract with Kier Plc will end on 31 March 2019 and service delivery will return to the direct management of the Authority.

The Strategic Investment & Property Team, who lead on the development, management and delivery of the Council’s capital investment strategy (which includes the investment strategy across the school estate), have been working with a range of colleagues to ensure that a new Schools Planned and Responsive Repairs and Maintenance Service will be available from April 2019 as part of the Authority’s new construction offer.

Why choose us?

The new responsive repairs service will offer a wide range of services to all schools throughout North Tyneside including but not limited to:

  • General Repairs & Maintenance
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Mechanical & Electrical Services
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Domestic Hot Water and Boiler Maintenance.
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New COSHH Guidance!
29 Nov
The Health and Safety Team have reviewed the previous guidance relating to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) to assist our schools with the production of COSHH risk assessments and relevant inventories. These document has been developed with the aims of: Promoting the importance of managing COSHH and in turn encouraging compliance within schools Providing understanding on how the Health and Safety Team and other organisations (e.g. CLEAPSS) can help schools manage hazardous substances onsite Making the process easy to understand to both the individual managing COSHH on site and the end user The new guidance can be found under the Engie Health and Safety Team resources page
Schools North East - Northern Governance Conference
02 Nov
The Northern Governance Conference 2019 March 2019 Join around 300 of your colleagues from across the North and learn about key developments affecting your role. Now in its second year the Northern Governance conference will support those in school governance roles – state-maintained and academy – in carrying out their duties confidently and effectively. Being a school governor or trustee is a hugely rewarding role. However, there has never been greater pressure on school governors of all types to ensure that the children in their schools receive the best possible education. If you are a Chair, Vice Chair, Trustee, Head Teacher, lead or parent governor in maintained schools or academies, ensure that you are able to provide clarity of vision and strategic direction, hold the head teacher to account, and oversee the financial performance of your school. The Cost Primary Partner School: £50 per delegate Secondary Partner School: £60 per delegate Primary School non-partner: £70 per delegate Secondary School non-partner: £80 per delegate Non North East School £95 per delegate Local Authority £120 per delegate Non School £170 per delegate All prices exclude VAT Group discount available when booking 3 or more delegates
Understanding and Dealing with Issues relating to Parental Responsibility
03 Sep
Schools are required by law to engage with pupils’ parents in a number of different ways. They can find themselves caught up in disputes between a number of adults, each claiming to have parental responsibility for a particular child. Schools are also expected to navigate complex living arrangements, particularly for children who are living in social care, where parental responsibility can be confusing or unclear. The DFE has produced guidance to help schools understand their obligations and duties in relation to the rights and responsibilities of parents, as recognised by education law. The Guidance uses the terms: must – where a school has a duty can – where a school has a power (not a duty) under statutory or common law should – for guidance on good practice The guidance should not be treated as a complete and authoritative statement of the law. It refers to legislation that sets out schools’ legal duties. Who is this advice for? governing bodies school leaders school staff local authorities diocesan boards It applies to: maintained schools – including sixth form and nursery year groups, maintained nursery schools, academies and free schools – including sixth form and nursery year groups ? http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dealing-with-issues-relating-to-parental-responsibility/understanding-and-dealing-with-issues-relating-to-parental-responsibility??