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Educaterer Excellence Award Winner 2015 and shortlisted for Cost Sector Awards Team of the Year 2016
We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering excellent quality school food. We put a lot of effort into supporting and developing the staff who work in your school kitchen to manage your school catering service and ensure it is a service which meets your needs and the needs of your students.

Winner of the EDUcatering Excellence Award 2015 for Local Authority Caterer of the Year shows that the service you receive is simply the best. This year we have competed for and won contracts for new business in competition with some of the largest school meal providers in the country.

Our commitment is to ensure your young people are given the best possible standards of nutritious school food to support their health and wellbeing to ensure they achieve their expectations. We appreciate that not every school is the same and that’s why by working in partnership we can tailor your catering service to meet the needs of your school.
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Schools Into Work - engaging business and pupils
09 May
The Schools into Work programme has a proven background in engaging with schools to support young people to be better prepared for the world of work, providing a range of programmes that make a real difference to young people by raising and broadening their aspirations. In particular, by buying into the SLA your school will get: · Access to an experienced and expert team to coordinate and deliver a range of projects and programmes that will enhance your curriculum; making it relevant to the world of work · Guaranteed access to businesses from a wide range of different sectors to support our offer to you · Access a range of materials and knowledge of the local labour market, including new and future employment opportunities that are relevant to our young people · Robust quality assurance, observation and a full evaluation of all our programmes to ensure that they meet the expectations of schools and businesses. Please see more information on the attachment.
Our Data Protection Officer for Schools - find out more now
13 Mar
As part of North Tyneside’s family of services, the Information Governance Team within Law and Governance are well placed to work with each other and colleagues in other services to ensure that we offer you joined up support based upon our knowledge of the schools in North Tyneside. We will actively engage with you to ensure that the services meet your needs. In Information Governance terms, schools are separate legal entities. Responsibility for compliance with Information Governance legislation rests with each school’s governing body. It is vital that all staff, governors and other users of information held by schools understand their rights and responsibilities as financial and reputational penalties may result if legal requirements are breached. In addition, a new legal requirement means that each school is required to have a named Data Protection Officer who is appropriately trained and has expert knowledge of information governance legislation. The Information Governance Team offers a comprehensive, high quality service including the provision of a named Data Protection Officer and advice and support to schools on all information governance matters. The Data Protection Officer and their team will work with your school in relation to a wide range of information governance matters to ensure good practice is in place, including in relation to: provision of a named Data Protection Officer acting as the point of contact for the Information Commissioner’s Office acting as the point of contact for parents, students and employees lawful data sharing, dealing with data breaches, responding to subject access requests, ensuring they comply with data protection legislation, regulations and codes of practice, responding to requests under freedom of information provisions, ensuring they comply with data protection legislation, regulations and codes of practice undertaking data protection audits and privacy impact assessments and ensuring these are reported to the Governing Body, developing and monitoring robust policies and procedures, including in relation to data security and retention, monitoring your school’s progress towards compliance with new, more rigorous data protection law (known as the GDPR) and reporting to the Governing Body in relation to this (as required by legislation), training staff providing advice and assistance to your school on information governance matters upon request, ensuring an effective and timely service is provided; The Information Governance support, including the provision of a named Data Protection Officer, is available to schools on the following basis: - per school, per year upon payment of a £1350 retainer.
Admission Appeals - Committment for 18/19
07 Mar
REMINDER FROM THE EDUCATION ADMISSION APPEALS TEAM – PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR COMMITMENT FOR 18/19 If you are a school who is its own admissions authority please can you indicate whether your school intends to purchase Admission Appeal support from the local authority in 2018/19. You can do this by going to: http://www.educationservices.org.uk/Services/3548 and selecting the "Education Admissions Appeals - Commitment to 18/19" package. By indicating your intention to work with us in 18/19 it allows us to plan accordingly with staffing and resources to ensure we meet the needs of all schools. Schools should indicate their intention to use our service by the following dates: Middle and High Schools by 28 February 2018 First and Primary Schools by 29 March 2018 Once you are logged onto the system you will be able to access the Buy Now option for 18/19 Select the Commitment option and add to basket. You will see as it a nil value as this is just an indication that your school may wish to work with our service in 2018/19 If you have any queries please contact Dave Brown or Dave Parkin for more information