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REVISED GUIDANCE - Keeping children safe in education - WILL COMMENCE: 3 September 2018

The government has published the ‘for information’ copy of the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 that will come into force on 3rd September 2018. Until then, the Keeping Children Safe (2016) is the guidance that schools should follow.


In this guidance, there’s very much emphasis on thinking about children with SEN and disabilities, those who were care leavers, and those children who were previously looked after, in the main those children are adopted children. This links into the guidance for designated teachers for looked after children and previously looked after children.  The new guidance is also very clear about peer-on-peer abuse, and indeed on sexual violence and sexual harassment.


Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 provides clarity that schools should have their own individual safeguarding policy. This policy should meet the needs of their children in their community, with the particular kinds of issues that may be most important for them.  Multi-Academy Trusts may have an overarching policy, but each school must be able to include procedures and information that is particularly relevant to them.

14 Jun 2018

Kathleen Wallace
Governor Services
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