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#iMadeitMySelfie Project rolled out to Extol Schools

North Tyneside Catering Service's successful #iMadeitMySelfie Recipe Bag Scheme has been rolled out to include schools we work with outside of the borough.


What are Recipe Bags?
Recipe Bags are a brand new initiative that North Tyneside Catering Services are piloting in North Tyneside Schools to encourage children and their families to include fresh fruit and vegetables in regular meals.

What is in each Recipe Bag?
·         There are 5 items of fruit or vegetables in each bag.
·         A blank recipe worksheet to create a masterpiece!
·         Worksheet describing each item of fresh fruit or vegetables.
·         Details of how to share your final dish on social media.
Why did we create this project?

There is evidence to suggest that many of the identified key drivers of food poverty – including low or falling incomes; high or rising food prices; and declining cooking skills – are leading to deteriorating outcomes for families. We wanted to support children to develop their cooking skills and to encourage the use of fresh vegetables as a regular staple in their diets.
Cooking skills including being able to prepare meals with fresh ingredients can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. It is widely acknowledged that cooking skills have declined across the population over recent years with increased access to ‘fast food’ and ready meals.
Our main aim was to improve the knowledge, confidence and skills to support pupils and their families to make their own, healthy, low-cost meals.
How does this scheme benefit families?
This project reengages with  children around where their food comes from and supports them to develop the skills they need to cook their own food in a creative way. The project promotes increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption and we believe can contribute towards supporting resilience in the face of poverty by helping families to create nutritious meals on a budget.
We recognised that the cost to families of ingredients for a cooking project can be prohibitive. This is why we decided we would provide ingredients for all pupils in Year 5 to take part.
How did this benefit schools?

This project cuts right across the curriculum for instance in literacy, the children wrote up the ingredients, cooking method and the equipment required, and created a set of instructions for how to cook the meal, and there was plenty of numeracy involved in measuring, sharing and counting the ingredients!
We linked the project to the National Curriculum, in particular with Key Stage 2 learning objectives which included:
·         understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet
·         prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques
·         understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed
Children’s Learning Objectives
We developed a set of learning objectives alongside our Healthy Schools Coordinator to ensure that every child (and their family) would gain the most benefit out of the project. These objectives were:
·         Understand the healthy eating/nutritional values of fruit and vegetables.
·         Develop ideas for preparing and cooking fruit and vegetables imaginatively.
·         Learn how to prepare and cook fruit and vegetables in an interesting dish.
·         Work as part of a team at home in the family produces an interesting dish.
·         Use social media safely and correctly at home to share my recipe with classmates!
You can take a look at some of the delicious dishes on our twitter feed that young people and their families have been creating! Look for @FreshFoodNE or the hashtag #iMadeitMySelfie
For more information or to get involved in our scheme please email

01 Feb 2019

Jill Hurst
Catering Services
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