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Ofsted research project: Knife crime: safeguarding children and young people in education

Ofsted carried out a research project on knife crime in education. This report sets out our findings and recommendations. Ofsted carried out research in 29 schools, colleges and pupil referral units (PRUs) in London.
The research looked at 3 broad questions:

What are schools, colleges and PRUs in London doing to safeguard children and learners from knife crime while on school premises?
How are schools, colleges and PRUs in London giving children the knowledge and skills to stay safer in their local communities?
How are exclusions being used when children bring knives to school?


Overall, Ofsted’s study shows that it is extremely rare that children are caught up in serious violence on school grounds. However, it is also clear that schools’ valuable role in local partnerships is not being realised, leading to inconsistencies across London in the way schools respond.



12 Mar 2019

Early Education and School Improvement
EYSIS - Safeguarding Children in Education
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