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The delivery of high quality ICT provision and support

This service provision is received if schools buy in to the MIS and / or Curriculum support SLAs

Provision of the North Tyneside Council network, with access to the internet  
When network / internet problems are reported to ICT we run diagnostic reports to establish root cause. These would consist of a check to verify that either the admin PCs or router are visible from the Quadrant network, check network traffic to see whether we are receiving data from the school and ensuring that wireless links are responding as expected. If there is a connectivity issue at a site it is typically logged as a high priority (P1) call.
ICT provides a link from the corporate network to each school. For Primary schools a link with a capacity of 50Mb is provided. For High schools a link of 200Mb capacity is provided along with a network switch.       
Investigate issues reported, working closely with other ICT providers within NTC i.e. the SIMS / MIS team and Curriculum support. 
Set up new network ports for the corporate network (for schools admin kit i.e. red tagged equipment) when required. We will arrange for network cabling and electrical work to be carried out and recharge the schools appropriately. Corporate ICT do not provide support for the curriculum networks within schools.      
Provide advice and service provision regarding network requirements for new buildings (EFA – Education funding agency) . 
Tailored ICT security, including Internet content filtering and firewalls:  
Internet filtering service to the Primary schools to ensure safeguarding is in place and appropriate. Upon request ICT open, block, check out for each school – pre-planning for external visits / specific work items is essential to ensure the school is able to continue with their activities and that ICT can respond in the required timescales. We recommend that you contact ICT 24 hours prior to a visit to discuss specific access needs.

ICT host and manage the internet filtering equipment  for Primary Schools ( Smoothwall) and ensure it is security patched and up to date. ICT also host some secondary school equipment. ICT manage  Primary School internet filtering equipment which is physically on site at QE. The secondary schools equipment hosted in the Quadrant data centre but is not managed by ICT.    

ICT offer access through the firewall for a range of products that primary and secondary schools use. We also arrange for access from the Internet to servers at the school, e.g. remote access, websites hosted on site. 
ICT check audit  logs for schools when required to diagnose issues the school may have i.e. misuse or inappropriate sites.


Secure corporate email facility:  
Provision of corporate NTC email accounts when requested by schools. There is currently no specified limit on Email accounts, however there is a limit on RDS licenses (managed by SIMS team). In order to have an email account the school users must have an AD account to link it to and are using an RDS license. So in a way the limit of email accounts is linked to the number of RDS licenses in use.
Telephone Services:  
Corporate ICT arrange for the provision of telephone lines to schools. Most schools are using BT Featurenet and will have their own telephone system which Corporate ICT do not manage. Approximately 10 schools utilise IP telephony (643 numbers) and Corporate ICT manage this centrally.
Corporate ICT support to schools using RDS:  

ICT manage desktop policies on red tagged desktop devices such as PCs, laptops, thin clients covering areas such as Windows Internet Explorer proxy settings, settings for RDP (remote desktop client), adding shortcuts such as RDS to desktop, etc.   
ICT manage Sophos on desktop devices (Sophos is NTC’s anti virus software used to protect users from malicious software). 

ICT support printing from RDS using a TCD.   
ICT manage server policies on the server environment which runs the schools RDS system ensuring settings for various applications and services are maintained and updated as required.  
ICT provide the support and maintenance of the hardware that supports the schools RDS system including management of backups and data restorations and upgrades of software and services.

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